Governing Bodies

The Rector represents is the legal and institutional head of the University.  He is responsible for pursuing the University goals based on quality criteria.  He also assures that the principles of effectiveness, efficiency, transparency and merit are enforced throughout the University.

Vice Rectors
The Vice Rectors assist the Rector in managing the University.

University Senate
The Academic Seate is the representative body of the university community.  It is involved in the general administration of the university and the appointment of the Board of Governors.

Board of Governors
The Board of Governors is responsible for strategic planning and  financial and staff programming.

Board of Auditors
The Board of Auditors controls the University accounting and certifies the regularity of its economic, financial and assets management.

Evaluation Group
The Evaluation Group is responsible for evaluation of teaching, research and administrative activities.

Director General
The Director General is responsible for the general management and organisation of the university services, resources, technical-administrative staff.  It is also reponsible for the tasks required under the statutory provisions  governing public administration management. 

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