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Prof. Pietro Navarra

Full professor in Economics of the Public Sector - Department of Economics, Business, Environmental Science and Quantitative Methodologies



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Pietro Navarra (born on the 30th August 1968) is professor of Economics of the Public sector at the University of Messina.  He is  Research Associate at the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science of the London School of Economics (UK), since the year 2001, where he directs the research programme entitled: “Democracy, Business and Human well-being”. Since the year 2010, he has been Visiting Professor of Economics and Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, U.S.A.).  He obtained the Degree in Law at the University of Messina, a Master (M.Sc.) in Business Economics and a Doctoral (Ph.D) in Economics at the University of Buckingham (UK) and a Master (M.Sc.) by research in Health Economics at the University of York (UK).

Prof.  Navarra has been a Fulbright Research Fellow at the Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburg, USA) and Visiting Scholar in many academic institutions and research centers  in charge of both teaching and research at the: Columbia University (New York, USA), Fudan University (Shanghai, China), University of California (Irvine, USA), George Mason University (Washington, USA), Institute for Advanced Studies (Berlin, Germany), Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, USA), Temple University (Philadelphia, USA), University of Reading (Reading, UK), Australian National University (Canberra, Australia).

The research interests of Prof. Navarra have been oriented mainly towards the function of Political institutions and their effects on choices in Political Economy. He has published more than 50 works both in volumes of collected essays and on scientific magazines among which the Journal of International Business Studies, European Journal of Political Economy, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Public Choice, Constitutional Political Economy, Global Strategy Journal, Economics of Governance , Economics Bulletin, International Business Review, Applied Economics, Economic Affairs, Journal of Innovation Production Management, Mind & Society, Applied Economics Letters, Management International Review.

Prof. Navarra has edited in cooperation with other authors two volumes regarding the economy of institutions and constitutional economy: Rules and Reason: perspectives in Constitutional Political Economy (Cambridge University Press); Economic Welfare, International Business and Global Institutional Change (Edward Elgar Ltd). He has published two monographs: the first,  on the effects that the electoral reform of the early Nineties in Italy produced on the choices made by citizens at elections and on the strategies of political parties at election campaigns: Rules, Choice and Strategy: The Political Economy of Italian Electoral Reform (Edward Elgar Ltd), the second, on the measure of individual liberty and its effects on the functioning of the Economic system: The Economics of Freedom. Theory Measurement and Policy Implications (Cambridge University Press). A volume is due to be published entitled: Freedom and the Pursuit of happiness: An Economic Perspective (Cambridge University Press) which examines and compares the effects that different concepts and standards of liberty have on individual well-being.

Prof. Navarra also writes for different daily newspapers and journals and carries out advisory activity in the field of Public Economy and local finance both in Italy and abroad.

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